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Video: 30 Days of YouTube Day 1: Does chatroulette have a brand problem?

One of the conversations I had while driving to SXSW and back with fellow NC friend and partner Ryan Boyles (@TheRab) was about YouTube producers, their production strategy and how much time he spent watching YouTube videos. We also talked about how some of the more popular “YouTubers” record their videos in one take and how simple it is to have an online video show.

Being that I just gave a talk called “Becoming Real-Time Video Blogger in 2010 at SXSW I figured why not start a YouTube series. Therefore starting today, begins 30 Days of YouTube. During the 30 Days I’m going to chat about what’s hot on the social web, general tech news, events, my daily life and random video topics.

Today is the kick-off the video series and I’m chatting about the project and what’s hot in the video world, “chatroulette“. For more on chatroulette check out wikipedia if you’re afraid of playing.

Enough of the text, here’s Day 1 of 30 Days of YouTube. Does chatroulette have a brand problem?

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