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videographers and web developers for iPhone site and meetup group

Looking for some videographers who may or may not buy an iPhone this Friday but who can video the launch at Apple Stores (Raleigh & Durham) and At&t stores in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Clayton, Garner and surrounding areas.

Once you have the video we’ll make a site, post video to youtube and work on a future RTP iPhone meetup. Revenue will be generaeted and shared from Google ads, Linkshare and Cominuson Junction.

If you have any question or suggestions you can email me at: videos [at] iphonesinrtp dot com

iPhones in RTP Goal:
To show off your iPhone
To share and train non apple users how to sync and other technical support regarding their iPhone
To trade or sell iPhones
To discuss anything Apple/iPhone/Ipods only
Create an iPhone support group for the area.
Create a list of pros and cons of the iPhone and send to Apple
Create a list of suggested features and send to Apple
To be an online force of iPhone resources and information for the RTP

Things needed:
Hosting – done
Email – done
blog – wordpress theme

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