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Twingly launches Real-Time social filter channels. (Invites)

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The realtime web is overwhelming us with information. Search is not social. RSS is a broken promise. Twingly Channels brings a revolution to these three areas.

A Twingly Channel acts as a social filter on top of feeds and realtime search, allowing you to set up a social memetracker for any topic or event. The underlying idea is that by aggregating feeds and realtime search results into a channel where many people sharing the same interest can discuss and vote on the content (while also providing a filter to solve the prevalent problem of information overflow) we lower the learning curve to the realtime web.

Twingly Channels provides instant user value without the user having to spend time finding the right people to follow. Following topics rather than individuals, you immediately tap into the collective intelligence of a group of people sharing your interests. Or you can create your own channel and invite others to assist you in picking feeds and keywords to monitor.

Twingly channels are in private beta but I have 15 invites for the readers of Use “Wayne” as the invite code. I’m currently traveling and will write review about Twingly channels and how I plan to use them to monitor information/brands in real-time next week.

After you create your account let me know what you think about Twingly channels and how you plan to use it in the comments.

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