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Tweet & you shall receive: Real-Time iPhone RSS push notifications. Superfeedr FTW! ->

Twitter / Wayne Sutton: I want real-time iPhone RS ...

Just the other day September 8, to be excat I was thinking that “I want real-time iPhone RSS reader app with push notifications to alert me when a blog updates on the second along with sms notifications” Well guess what, you know the saying “there’s an app for that” well now there is via an app called Notification [iTunes link $1.99] .

Apple Push Notification online service
The Pitch
App Notifications is an iPhone app that acts as a client for the Apple Push Notification Service.
Use our ready-made Twitter, Gmail, and RSS notification services to instantly receive new tweets, search results, emails, RSS feeds, or create your own custom notifications with our simple REST API.

You may be thinking why do I need Notifications app. We’ll it depends on your industry, but here are a few examples how I would use it.

  • I want push notifications when a blog updates in real-time
  • I’m tracking an event, person, or tag and want to know when someone mentions them on Twitter
  • I want push notifications for emails sent you to me by certain people
  • If you’re a media company you could use push notifications for all of the above reasons.

Superfeedr : Real-time feed parsing in the cloud for web-developers

So why is this special? Well, if you have read the RSS news lately, then you’re aware of the PubSubHubbub and RSSCloud technology that is turning RSS from a pull technology to a push technology. The Notifications app uses Superfeedr @superfeedr that uses a group of “helper” services to push RSS updates to the iPhone. Basically RSS is growing up in 2009. Why did it take so long RSS?

A big thanks to Julien @julien51 and the team. For more information on Notifications and how to configure it read the original blog announcement: Real-time RSS notifications on your iPhone

Now I’m making a list of RSS feeds that I want to be notified of instantly when they are updated. Any suggestions?

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