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This Week In Location: Facebook check-in news, Whrrl announcements, WeReward is growing, upcoming TriOut features & more

Location-Based Apps Names

Another weekly round up of location-based news from last week. The biggest news was the once again rumors that Facebook is almost ready to announce their location plans and compete with Foursquare, Google and the rest of the location-based services. Whrrl had a good week announcing check-in societies in Vegas. Gowalla stayed in the news after last week’s API and profile page anouncments by saying that most users wanted native apps and not web / HTML5 apps. WeReward announced some big numbers and TriOut posted a few videos of the next version of their iPhone app that looks awesome with a new QR Code check-in, swipe to check-in options and more. Foursquare not to be left out of the news this week launched an online store. Here are 24 location-based articles from last week that you may have missed.

  1. Facebook Places Will Be About More Than Just a Check-In
  2. Geofencing: What’s Next For Location-Based Services?
  3. WeReward hit s100k downloads
  4. Development Journal: New User Interface for TriOut iPhone app 2.0 coming soon
  5. 7 Reasons Why 4Square Sucks – And How I Became The Mayor Of My Local Strip Club
  6. Foodspotting & Zagat Partner to Share Restaurant Photos and Guides
  7. Gowalla Launches Full Check-In API (Finally) Using OAuth 2 Support
  8. 16 trends I’ve noticed from marketers attending recent geo / location-based events
  9. Tour of SimpleGeo reveals why location services can’t get along
  10. Shopkick Picks Up Major Retail Momentum For Check-In App, Partners With Simon Properties
  11. Gowalla CEO: Sorry Mobile Web: Users Prefer Apps
  12. Storesquare! Foursquare now selling real-life stuff in an online store
  13. Is TriOut a Geo Model for All Local Media Companies?
  14. Does broadcasting your Foursquare check-ins on Twitter really add value for brands?
  15. Foursquare Business Strategies You Don’t Want to Miss
  16. Location-based check-in data on its way to becoming a commodity
  17. Whrrl Ups the Ante in Vegas with Society Rewards
  18. TriOut v2 Dev Journal: QR Check In
  19. Makes Inane Foursquare Check-ins Cool
  20. Foursquare WordPress Plugin
  21. On SCVNGR the Checkin Game Is What You Make It
  22. Groupon + Foursquare = GroupTabs, Group Deals for Check-Ins
  23. “Bridezillas” Explores What’s Possible with TV Show Checkins
  24. As Google Wave dies, here’s what Foursquare does NOT understand about social media

Did you read any interesting location-based articles this week that I may have missed? If so let me know in the comments.

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