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This Week in Location: 33 Location-based must read articles you may have missed

What a week for location-based applications/services. From being called the next big thing in social marketing to being said no one is using location-based apps, this week one of the most exciting week for location-based applications in a while. Here’s a list of 30 location-based articles you may have missed from last week.

  1. Awesome Infographic: Mobile Advertising & The Rise Of Mobile Coupons
  2. Like a Robot Struck by Lightning: Gowalla to Launch Write API, Possibly With Pictures
  3. 6 Reasons why you should check-in with location-based services such as TriOut, Foursquare, Brightkite, Whrrl, Gowalla, Scvngr, PlacePop, Yelp and more!
  4. Google Tags – Do They Help? An Anectdotal Review
  5. Whats Foursquare All About? Simple Guide From A Power User
  6. Why MyTown Should Add Virtual To Their Product Check In Arsenal
  7. Did I Just Earn an Inception Badge or was it Just a Dream?
  8. MyTown adds product check-ins
  9. Four Reasons Brands Must Check in to Foursquare. Now
  10. Boston’s Skyhook Will Map Tweets, Check-ins at San Francisco Marathon – Xconomy
  11. inside wereward metrics
  12. MapHook Hooks Social Media with Sharing of Location-Based Content and Interests
  13. Now, there’s a reason to keep checking in to foursquare
  14. Forrester Recommends Caution with LBS
  15. RANT: What LBSeseses are Missing
  16. IHG Becomes First Global Hotel Franchise Company To Reward Loyalty Points For Geolocation Check-Ins
  17. LoKast comes to Android, brings ‘check-it-out’ to check-ins
  18. Miso Targets Shopping Networks for Badges and Special Discounts
  19. PlacePop Looks To Give Any Business Its Own Rewards Program, Raises $1.4M
  20. How Mobile Text Alerts and Location Affect Consumer Retail Behavior
  21. Checking in with the Places API
  22. Forrester: Why Most Marketers Should Forgo Foursquare
  23. HBO Sinks Its Teeth Into GetGlue To Reward Fans For Checking-In To Hit Shows
  24. SCVNGR Announces Rewards for Check-Ins
  25. Rally, I Can Quit You: My Failed Social Networking Experiment
  26. Reflections on MITX’s Location-Based Services Panel
  27. The Ever-Present Debate Goes On: Is Location A Business Or Feature?
  28. In April, Apple Ditched Google And Skyhook In Favor Of Its Own Location Databases
  29. First-Ever Location-Based Fortune Telling Application Launched on iTunes Store
  30. Brightkite Gets Down To Badges
  31. Yelp CEO: “There is real tension” between Google Places and Yelp
  32. 10 Ways Geolocation is Changing the World #10Ways
  33. Podcast #14: Rob Reed, founder of @MomentFeed on location-based marketing/measuring, foursquare, facebook, and google’s location’s plans

For those who keep doubting the geo/location-based space, just read a few of the articles above and you can see why those who “get it” are excited about the geo/location-based industry…. keep doubting.

Did you read any interesting location-based articles last week or have a comment about any of the above articles? Let me know in the comments.

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