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This awesome QR Code example will help you not to hate QR Codes

Looks like my friend Jeff Turner has seen enough bad QR Code marketing examples the he was about to go postal on QR Codes.

I don’t hate QR codes. I hate how QR codes are being used. I hate the lack of thought being given to QR Code use and I hate the hype over their use. But I don’t hate QR codes. QR codes are inert. QR codes are only as good as you make them. via  Jeff Turner

I know what you mean Jeff!  It’s not QR Codes as the technology but poor implementation and the lack of value people think of when using QR Codes in mobile marketing.  Lucky enough Jeff received a tweet from Jason Crouch about the Reporters without Borders book project where they use QR Codes similar to the genius QR code resume idea. Take a look:

via I Don’t Hate QR Codes | Jeff Turner.

Do you hate QR Codes or just the hype and bad implementations of people trying to use them?

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