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The Wall Street Journal Launches The Accelerators; Online Mentorship From Startup Gurus

The Wall Street Journal launches a new “online forum” to provide mentorship and advice to startups and entrepreneurs. The online forum is called “The Accelerators“. The Accelerators will feature 20 individuals ranging from “successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, and technology and business thinkers”. Among the list of thinkers, investors include, Kevin Colleran, Bill Gurley, Steve Blank, Alexa Hirschfeld, Brad Feld, Charles Hudson, Michael Lazerow, Naval Ravikant, and myself.

I have been selected to be one of the 20 contributors of The Accelerators and looking forward to sharing my experiences from working in the technology/startup space over the last 12 plus years. “Look Ma” I even have my own Wall Street Journal dot drawing.


The question for this week on the Wall Street Journal Accelerators was “What are the three things you need to ask yourself to make sure you have what it takes to attempt a startup?”
Part of my answer was that before you attempt a startup you need to ask yourself, “Can you give 100%?”. You can read my full response here on the ask yourself why post.

I’m excited about the opportunity to be one of the Wall Street Journal “Startup Gurus” and looking forward to sharing my feedback each week.

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