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The Social Network Movie Review: I just watched the Facebook movie and I loved it.

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I just watched The Social Network Movie, aka the Facebook movie and I loved it! But I don’t think it’s for everyone, for instance while I was walking into the theater a guy was saying real loud that the movie sucked and the only reason some people were going to see it was because of Justin Timberlake. Umm, Ok. We’ll, I’m all for bringing sexy back, Justin Timberlake was not the reason I went to see it. I wanted to see how the movie portrayed Mark Zuckerberg, was it damaging to Facebook as a company and if it has content to make people want to delete their Facebook accounts. Please note the movie is fiction and based off of the book The Accidental Billionaires.

Depending on how you view The Social Network movie there are some questionable actions in terms of stealing ideas and the movie leaves you with questioning the trust between Mark and his best friend, who called the police on who and who reported the chicken story (have to see to get it). But The Social Network didn’t leave me with a negative feeling towards Facebook. If any part of the movie is accurate in terms of how smart Mark Zuckerberg is, the movie acutely made me even more impressed with him and at some points during the movie you actually feel sorry for Mark Zuckerberg, the character.

Other aspects of the movie as an entrepreneur was great to see how programmers with passion and coding skills could build a site over night and launch a social network that gains millions of users. The downside of the movie for me is where you start to feel bad for the Winklevoss twins and Mark’s best friend Eduardo Saverin. Which reminds me of times where I’ve shared ideas only to see them impleaded by others. But unlike the Winklevoss Harvard Connection idea mine has yet to gain 500 million users.

Overall I give the movie an 8 out of 10 but I think that rating varies depending how familiar you are with Facebook and the web/tech industry. Also being that the main action in the movie is seeing a young Mark running to his dorm room and another incident that individuals a pool that I won’t spoil, after a few minutes into the movie you may be thinking when is the bashing going to start. I’ll give you one hint about the movie, you have to pay attention to realize how many lawsuits and interrogations you’re actually watching at one time.

Another feeling I’m left with from The Social Network movie is how men are driven and/or torn by relationships/women and can make us do some of the craziest things. What if Erica Albright never broke up with Mark Zuckerberg and he never created the site Hot or Not and blogged about farm animals? Then would Facebook even exist today? But was that part even true? Regardless, I enjoyed The Social Network Movie and think you would too.

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