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Talk Social News Podcast officially joins the deadpool and a look back my favorite episodes.

It seems so long ago but back in 2008 my good friend/partner Kipp Bodnar (@kbodnar32) and I launched a podcast called Talk Social News The goal of the podcast was to cover all things technology, social media, startups and gadgets. Talk Social News started off being a once a week audio podcast then after SXSW 2009 Kipp and I went to a daily video podcast. During the length of the podcast we had a chance to interview a lot of industry leaders such as the following:

  • Adam J. Wallace
  • Louis Gray
  • Thomas Cook
  • Danny Burkes
  • Erik Martin
  • Geoff Livingston
  • Angla Benton
  • Joel Longtine
  • Louis Gray
  • Martin May
  • MC Hammer
  • Peter Shankman
  • Tara Hunt

    Here a few of my favorite past episodes:
    Talk Social News debuts with Brightkite CTO interview On Location Based Applications
    The interview,click to play: [audio:]

    Talk Social News episode 17# MC Hammer, on social media, the music industry & twitter. Need we say more?
    The interview: [audio:]

    Talk Social News Episode 12: Talking Whuffi with Tara Hunt aka Missrogue, twitter for voting & twitter for terrorists?, Linkedin, Opera, and Windows 7
    The interview: click to play: [audio:]

    Talk Social News Episode 10:Evernote CEO, Phil Libin, what is a mophie iPhone juice pack and who’s failing on twitter.
    The interview: click to play: [audio:]

    Talk Social News going daily with video blog, iPhone 3.0 rumors, exectweets, wefollow and your feedback

    Loic Le Meur @Loic at #SXSW on @Seemic, Facebook, video comments and startups

    Talk Social News Episode 21: Adam Wallace of Roger Smith Hotel talks social media in New York, plus cotweet, twickie, hulu vs boxe and facebook TOS noise
    The interview: click to play: [audio:]

    I want to say thank you to everyone who supported Talk Social News over the years including our very first sponsor Ripple6 and all of our listeners and friends. A big thanks to Kipp Bodnar for co-hosting the show and pushing me along the way. It was a fun ride!

    Since we stopped recording Talk Social News, I’ve been having an on and off again podcast here on but as of last week I’m back recording weekly episodes. You find SocialWayne podcast here: and you can subscribe to to the show here on: iTunes; or subscribe to the podcast XML feed at

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