How To Learn To Code In 2013 #techticker

Where to start?

Once you’ve decided you want to learn to code web-applications, where is the best place to start? There’s an endless variety of programming languages and web frameworks to choose from, but all roads lead to HTML and CSS. They’re also quite easy to learn. To get started, you can pick up a book or just play around with Once you understand that, then you can move on to Javascript, Ruby, Python, or whatever else you want.

Shameless plug! I’m working on a step-by-step tutorial that teaches beginners how to code their first web-application. Had to at least [...]

TriOut launches HTML5 location-based check-in web app for Android and iPhone users plus API

Since TriOut launched the iPhone app back in December one of the most asked questions was when will TriOut have a native app for Android and other mobile platforms. While we haven't launched a native app yet, this past Thursday during the TriangleTweetup, TriOut founder Lawrence Ingraham @LawPower made two announcements bringing TriOut closer to having a native app for other platforms and helping TriOut Android users have a better experience.

The first announcement was the launch of the TriOut API. The API provides methods to interact with our system, pulling location information, [...]