All the Cool Kids Have ‘Em: Social Web Profile Aggregation Sites

I'm not sure if it started with Tim Van Damme but he sure did kick off a trend of new "Social Web Profile Aggregation" sites or social networking profile identity aggregation sites. Can you feel the "buzzwords" through your computer screen, lol. Either way since Tim's site was created one "Social Web Profile Aggregation" service has launched called and now there's a WordPress theme from John Saddington. Take a look at the WordPress theme below.

Hat tip to @Corvida who posted John's WordPress theme on her Posterous site. It's interesting that John calls his WordPress theme the "The [...]

Charlotte WordCamp: It’s all about WordPress, Design, Plugins, Promotions & Networking

This Saturday is Charlotte WordCamp also known as CLTWordCamp. The event is being organized by Creative Strategist, Jason Keath. (thanks Jason) The schedule is below and you can follow the conversation on twitter via the CLTWordCamp tag. I'm not sure about a video live stream yet but I'll see what we can work out.

As this being my first WordCamp I'm excited to join others who are passionate about WordPress. Also I'm looking forward to joining other colleges on a panel to discuss promoting and marketing your blog and the keynote session from Mark Jaquith.

If you have any questions for not [...]

Premium WordPress Themes Continue to Shine

If there has been any Web 2.0 company that has survived the 1st .dot com bubble it's Wordpress and with it's recent purchases of intense debate comment platform and poll daddy, Wordpress is on pace to not only survive the current bubble but may be one of the top 5 online social firms when it's all said and done.

One continuing trend with Wordpress is the quality of themes we have seen over the past few months and with a open theme community Wordpress Premium themes seem to have taken over as the new cool and smart thing to do for theme developers.

Premium Wordpress themes are great for not [...]