Attend GeoM and learn why Geo Location Matters and what is the future of location-based services

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October 4-8, MITX presents Future M week in Boston. On October 4th, brands, marketers, technologists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, students and business people and will gather in Cambridge at the Microsoft NERD to talk about the future of geo location and the future of geo marketing. Yes. This is a promotional post for an event that my company, Allen & Gerritsen is planning, but since you have read this far, I think you will find the content helpful in making a decision as to whether or not you should attend. For the record, I [...]

Announcing the Social Media Business Forum, 10/23 Durham, NC

The Social Media Business Forum will feature speakers from marketing companies, technology companies, and social networks discussing ways in which business communications have changed due to social media. We are planning sessions on internal and external communications methods for both B2B and B2C companies. There will be an estimated 200 people in attendance.

A few of the speakers announced are: