7 blogs you should read if you really want to learn about Social Media

We're half-way through 2010 and Social Media continues to be much discussed topic among marketing agencies, tech blogs and consultants. As I look at my twitter stream and RSS feeds I see people discusing social media now that a year or two ago were saying Twitter was a fad , thought Facebook was just for kids and the thought of using an analytics platform to measure their efforts was un heard of. Fast forward to now and many are having conversations about ROI, blogging and retweeting every single post from the popular social media blogs online. Welcome to social media....

Regadless of [...]

All the Cool Kids Have ‘Em: Social Web Profile Aggregation Sites

I'm not sure if it started with Tim Van Damme but he sure did kick off a trend of new "Social Web Profile Aggregation" sites or social networking profile identity aggregation sites. Can you feel the "buzzwords" through your computer screen, lol. Either way since Tim's site was created one "Social Web Profile Aggregation" service has launched called Card.ly and now there's a WordPress theme from John Saddington. Take a look at the WordPress theme below.

Hat tip to @Corvida who posted John's WordPress theme on her Posterous site. It's interesting that John calls his WordPress theme the "The [...]