A free coffee or espresso waiting on you at Cafe Helios. Just scan the Stickybits barcode to collect

Last night while looking at old business cards from SXSW I realized I had a box of Stickybits barcode stickers. I remember meeting a few of the Stickybits team  members (I think he worked at Stickybits) telling me how they had big plans for 2010 and looking now at their progress from March to now, he was right. So I started updating my Stickybits profile and looking QR Codes vs barcodes and came up with a idea/contest to use my pack of Stickybits in the Triangle. Here's are the details for the contest.

  • There are 3 @TriOut business cards on the wall at Cafe Helios.
  • One of the cards has a [...]