Samsung Galaxy Tab unboxing video makes my iPad sad. #galaxytab

Last week I was mailed a Samsung Galaxy Tab via @samsungmobileus to test and review mainly because of a tweet sent by @HarrietCammock asking would I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

My response at that time was [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab commercial makes iPad owners drool. Battle of the tablet commercials

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was officially announced last week and first impressions is that it’s a worthy optional tablet compared to the iPad. Note I didn't’ say it was an iPad Killer as I don’t believe any future tablet will be an iPad killer as the iPad has way to much of a market share along with the thousands of apps via Apple’s App store. The iPad is here to stay. As we wait for the iPad to receive the iOS 4 upgrade, front and rear cameras, the iPad may be unstoppable to compete with. But until then the Galaxy Tab is making it’s case as the alternative must have tablet.

One [...]

My #2 most asked question: What equipment do I use for recording video & live streaming

My #2 most asked question: What equipment do I use for recording video & live streaming. Here's the list and then some.

Mobile live streaming hardware:

1. Nokia N95
2. Apple iPhone 8gb (jailbroken)
3. Blackberry Curve 8830

Mobile live streaming software:

Conference live streaming hardware:

1. Samsung SCD103
2. Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision SE Webcam(works with Mac & PC)
3. Apple MacBook builtin iSight webcam

Conference live streaming and chat software:

3. Cover-it-live (chat)
4. Meebo (chat)
5. (I know it's not [...]