Infographic: ROI On Internet Marketing Services by Vertical Measures

Here's an interesting infographic by Vertical Measures about the ROI On Internet Marketing Services.

One of the most commonly asked questions in the Internet marketing industry has to do with return on investment. Some internet marketing services can be harder to track than others. While some forms (such as PPC) are easy to track in terms of clicks, costs, and revenue, other forms are more like traditional advertising where you’re taking the time to build a brand and online presence to create sales tomorrow.

Using our handy chart below, you can see all the various forms of return on [...]

The ROI for attending Social Media Conferences. Defining your goals.

This is part 2 of my post "Why we planned a Social Media Conference in NC?" post. As I stated in the previous post it seems that everyone is planning some sort of social media conference, meetup, forum, workshop, bootcamp or webinar. Just like any marketing or social media campaign before you start you must do at least two things, one define your goal of attending and two, do your research before you attend. As the space has become crowded, for any person or business owner you need to make sure your employees take part in valuable conversations where they can learn to increase their [...]