Guest Post: What does Google+ Need to Fix?

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Paul works in the marketing department for CliqStudios, a cabinet manufacturer that sells white kitchen cabinets and more factory-direct, and is a blogger and Apple fanatic.

We all know of Google’s dubbed “Facebook killer” called Google+ that has, in fact, failed to kill Facebook. We also know that the success of Google+ is also highly debated. Sure, it sports over 40 million users, but only a fraction of those users actually remain active. In contrast, as of last September, Facebook has over 800 million active users worldwide.
So, what went wrong for Google+?

Friday Fix: 3 solutions to solve your social web inbox problem

Friday Fix are short post on niche topics/plugins/tools/presentations or you could call them short simple tips.

One problem with the social web now is that we have too many inboxes. We have our work email, personal email, Facebook inbox mail, Facebook email from Facebook inbox, Twitter direct messages, Twitter new followers email, Flickr email, google alerts, real-time brand notifications and I think you get the picture. Depending on how "social" you are, managing your inbox can be very challenging and time consuming. This all while we wait to see how Google Wave will evolve, it could be a [...]