Posterous: The who, why & how from the founders. Is it the next big platform?

I'm not sure if you have noticed but recently a lot of people have been posting various forms of multimedia content to their Twitter stream with the short url That short url redirects to a Y Combinator startup that launched a little over a year ago. Posterous isn't just a short url or multimedia content platform, it's a social network, blogging platform that integrates with other platforms that allow you to post content via email and more. You can use Posterous as your blog which some have see: Steve Rubel , as a life-stream site or just post random pictures [...]

8 overlooked web apps that everyone should be using – episode 020

Today on Talk Social News we take a look at 8 overlooked web apps that everyone should be using. So you want to know the 8? Watch the video or listen to the podcast and let us know what you think.

The Video:

The podcast:
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