Livingsocial vs groupon vs facebook vs google – Which daily deals/group buying site is winning? – infographic

I almost called this post "Which Daily Deals Site / platform is truly winning"  and mashable calls it  The Daily Deals Bandwagon Dissected so for SEO I'm going with "Livingsocial vs groupon vs facebook vs google - Which Daily Deals Site is winning?"  Either way below is an awesome daily deals comparison infographic from Online MBA.

Courtesy of Online MBA, here’s a cheat sheet for how four of the most popular daily deals sites and services — LivingSocial, Groupon, Facebook Deals and Google Offers — work, including how much money these companies are making and how many users [...]

Posterous: The who, why & how from the founders. Is it the next big platform?

I'm not sure if you have noticed but recently a lot of people have been posting various forms of multimedia content to their Twitter stream with the short url That short url redirects to a Y Combinator startup that launched a little over a year ago. Posterous isn't just a short url or multimedia content platform, it's a social network, blogging platform that integrates with other platforms that allow you to post content via email and more. You can use Posterous as your blog which some have see: Steve Rubel , as a life-stream site or just post random pictures [...]