How entrepreneurs stay motivated

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Social Network. My favorite movie of all time is Gladiator. They are complete opposite in terms of history and action but in both various characters must over come life circumstances to achieve goals beyond what they originally had planned for their life or what other people may think their life was going in. In The Social Network you have everyone from Mark Zuckerberg doing things for attention and launching "The Facebook" , to Eduardo Saverin never imaging that his friend Mark would partner with Sean Parker to run Facebook and try to cut him [...]


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I can think of many reasons to just give up and quit. Just stop everything and so can you. You're tired, away from your family, or to close to your family, frustrated, angry, turn on the news and everything sucks, the economy, the government is divided, wars, you name it. You almost have to separate yourself from mainstream media to stay positive. The same is almost for social networks, Twitter, Facebook and now Google Plus. Who's talking about using these platforms for changing the world, improving the quality of life vs trying to look like the next guru for [...]