How and Why I Keep My Mentors Updated

Through my many years in tech I've meet hundreds, if not thousands of amazing people at conferences, meetups, through introductions, serendipity or social media. Normally the process afterwards is to connect on a social network which usually is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or add the individual to your newsletter list, in many cases people can get lost in the networks and it's difficult to keep a track on each contact. Unless you use a CRM system to keep track of every contact which at times can create just more work for you. I'm currently using Contactually . It works well but can take up [...]

How Mentoring Can Change The World… She Started It

Often around the conversation around mentors it's usually how to find a mentor or what makes a good mentor. For entrepreneurs mentors can be just as valuable or more than an investment. I've had various mentors in my tech career who have gave me good advice, bad advice, encouragement and sometimes that hard parenting style advice. In each case to have someone to bounce ideas off of or learn about their journey can provide priceless nuggets you need to push your career to the next level.

When I get a chance to mentor/give back it's always a humbling opportunity but I love it. I know what [...]

How To Find A Mentor and the Pros and Cons of Having One

The question for this week's accelerators on the Wall Street Journal was about the pros and cons of having mentors. You can read an excerpt of my response below and the full article here.

Mentors can provide entrepreneurs with key introductions and product feedback. They can also be a deciding factor when you’re stuck on a decision. A good mentor sometimes will cheer you on when your journey gets tough. But they can also be that person who looks you in the eye and tells you the hard truth that you may not want to hear.

While they can be great, from my experience one of the few cons [...]