Podcast #11 – All about Location with @LouisGray on Foursquare, Google, East vs West check-ins & Facebook privacy

The SocialWayne.com Podcast returns with an interview of Silicon Valley blogger Louis Gray @LouisGray of LouisGray.com on location based services such as Foursquare, the value of checking in and what role Google will play in location. We also discussed how users on the West Coast are using location based services compared to users on the East Coast and Facebook privacy announcements.

Length: 16:00 minutes

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Friday Fix: Five FriendFeed Friends to Follow, I mean Subscribe to, the guys edition

TGIF everyone, this week's Friday Fix post is dedicated to FriendFeed and if you been listening to my podcast (Talk Social News) then you'll know that I'm becoming a big fan of the site and excited about it's future. But like most social networks when you create an account, add your avatar and then you start looking for a few friends to connect with. For FriendFeed I suggest the following guys below: Louis Gray, Rahsheen, Jeffisageek, Bwana and Robert Scoble, especailly if you're interested in technoogly, social media, online video, blogging, web 2.0 or just a geek who likes to stay current [...]

Writing & finding good original content but is it for Google or Twitter? – episode #014

Our good friend Louis Gray wrote a blog post over the weekend called "Are You Writing Your Headlines for Google or for Twitter?" On today's show Kipp and Wayne discuss Louis's post, finding good "ORIGINAL" content, creating a network for traffic and who are you writing for; (google or twitter) .

A big thanks to NetSpary for the T-shirt.

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