TriOut version 2.0.2 with more awesome. Now supports Facebook Places Check-Ins

Guest Post by Lawrence Ingraham @lawpower, cofounder and lead developer of TriOut

The latest update to the TriOut iPhone app hit the App Store today. Version 2.0.2 brings some great performance enhancements and increased stability. I think we've fixed the Photo Upload bug once and for all.

Most importantly, we've integrated the new Facebook check in system within TriOut. In order to take advantage of this, you'll need to re-authenticate Facebook in the app to approve check in access. Just tap on Settings >> Facebook to approve. Then the next time you check in, select Facebook from the menu [...]

5 Ways Developers and Partners are using the new TriOut API

Before was release TriOut founder Lawrence Ingraham and I new at some point TriOut would need an API. What we didn’t know is how soon it would be created after the initial launch in February 2010. Then we saw the first beta release of announced and I contacted my friends at Brightkite to see if they were interested in including TriOut for the second beta version and the response was yes. Some may have wondered why include a hyper-local location-based platform in a national check-in web app where the goal is to help solve check-in fatigue but the answer is simple. Why not?

9 location-based infographics showing how and why the mobile world is checking in

Two of the most blogged about topics right now are location-based services and infographics. Location-based services user numbers are growing, along with the amount of new geo / location startups launching what seems like every week. Many are questioning the value of location-based services even with the recent announcement of Facebook Places. Regardless location-based services are here to stay and being implemented in brand strategies, mobile marketing campaigns and more. If you're scratching your head around the check-in phenomenon and the mobile industry take a look at these 9 [...]

This Week In Location: 31 Location-based articles you may have missed to stay current in the location space

Another week of location-based news from the past seven days. It may not have been as exciting as last week but with rumors of @Google buying @Gowalla and both Gowalla and @FourSquare updating their profile pages there still was a lot of location-based post and announcements published. For instance TriOut founder @lawpower showed a screenshot of the next version of the @TriOut iPhone app and we also saw two location-based infogrpahics published. Another location-based app/platform announced called @Shopkick. and here on I published a few articles on QR codes and privacy.  [...]

Infographic: How Check-Ins Work in Location-Based Apps

Check-ins are the core action of location-based apps. They let your friends know where you are and businesses know that you have arrived at their location. But how do they work, who has access to the data and what can you do with the data? I'm glad you asked. Over the past few days I've been thinking creating a location-based infographic so I created a "How Check-ins Work In Location-Based Apps" infographic.

The goal of the infographic is to show how smartphone users check-in with location-based apps such as @TriOut, @Foursquare, @Gowalla, @Whrrl and more at businesses. Also to show [...]

Location Based Marketing and the 80/20 Rule of Business – Guest post via @GreggVM

Guest Post by: Gregg @GreggVM works as a business consultant, freelance writer and TriOut Sales Manager/Advisor. Gregg writes at

In 1906 and Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto came up with a formula to describe the inequality in the distribution of wealth throughout his country. He found that 80% of the wealth was concentrated in the pockets of 20% of the people.

In the late 1940’s, Joseph Juran, a Quality Measurement guy, stated a principle that he called “the vital few and the trivial many”. He had found that 20% of the defects caused 80% of the [...]