Using video to extend your brand and relationships. The interview that was a year in the making.

The who:
Today I had a chance to interview Pam Spaulding (@Pam_Spaulding) of Pam’s House Blend. Pam has been featured on CNN,, live blogged from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Tavis Smiley and more. Her blog Pam’s House Blend which was started in 2004 has become more of a social network with over 120,000 visitors a month, plus includes guest writers, multi-media content and has one of the most passionate readership on the web today. But what does Pam blog about? Pam’s House Blend which started off being her personal blog now covers politics, Lesbian, Gay, [...]

Live social media, PR, blogging, journalism & online community building panel with Charlotte’s community leaders on WayneSutton.TV tomorrow

I'm excited to announce tomorrow's live show on WayneSutton.TV I'll be facilitating a conversation on Social Media, PR 2.0, blogging for community building, online journalism and social networks with some of the leaders of Charlotte’s social media community.

The panel includes:

Justin Ruckman, Designer & cofounder CLT Blog (Charlotte Blog), co-applicant of Massively Multicontributer Online Reporting Platform, (MMORP), you can find Justin at and on twitter as @jruckman

Lisa Hoffmann, Chief Copywriter, PRstore DesignCentral, you can find her [...]

My #2 most asked question: What equipment do I use for recording video & live streaming

My #2 most asked question: What equipment do I use for recording video & live streaming. Here's the list and then some.

Mobile live streaming hardware:

1. Nokia N95
2. Apple iPhone 8gb (jailbroken)
3. Blackberry Curve 8830

Mobile live streaming software:

Conference live streaming hardware:

1. Samsung SCD103
2. Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision SE Webcam(works with Mac & PC)
3. Apple MacBook builtin iSight webcam

Conference live streaming and chat software:

3. Cover-it-live (chat)
4. Meebo (chat)
5. (I know it's not [...]

Talk Social News Episode 11:Talking social aggregation with Joel Longtine, engineer with SocialThing, how to turn your blog in to a book & according to Wired blogging is so 2004.

This week Talk Social News interviews Joel Longtine, engineer with SocialThing. Listen to what Joel has to say about social aggregation, life streaming and the what it was like to get purchased by AOL.

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 11 - length 29:33 download or click to play:[audio:TalkSocialNews0011socialthing.mp3] Subscribe to podcast in iTunes:

SocialThing is in private beta but if you would like an invite let us know in the comments or send a tweet to @talksocialnews saying: I would like an invite to @socialthing

For our “What the Blog” section of the podcast, we [...]