My photo of Steve Jobs at the Oscars 28,000 views later, a media/blog frenzy & my side of the story.

As many of you know Sunday I had the opportunity to be a guest blogger on the Red Carpet Bleachers at the Oscars thanks to Kodak's marketing team Tom and Jennifer @KodakCB. Before attending the event I knew I would probably see celebrities such as Tyler Perry or Steve Carell.

But little did I know I would see Mr. Steve Jobs himself walking the red carpet. Yes, the CEO of Apple walked right in front of me with a guest trying to go unnoticed on the red carpet and he almost pulled it off too. I was using one of the Kodak's cameras to zoom in and I saw what looked liked the back of his [...]

I’m going to the Oscars Red Carpet with Kodak

Sometimes, when a once in a lifetime opportunity arrives in my inbox, I have to pinch myself and ask "is this real?" That's what happened when I received an email from Kodak about joining them on the Red Carpet Bleachers for the Oscars on Sunday March, 7.  This will be my first trip to California and other than a visit to Silicon Valley, I can't think of a better first trip to the West Coast.
As for how I'll spend my time while at the Oscars, I'm going to be blogging, tweeting, taking photos and videos from the Oscars Red Carpet bleachers.  I'll be sharing the experience with Kodak and [...]