11 Mobile Apps To Keep Entrepreneurs Mentally Stable and Healthy

as an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. You can be celebrating small success milestones one month and the next looking for customers. Some people even say you have to be a little crazy to be an entrepreneur as life is not always as glamorous as projected in tech media. Where it's easy to get caught up raising venture capital and the opportunity of success without considering the risk. Sadly for some entrepreneurs the risk can be your overall health mentally or physically.

As a "serial entrepreneur" and someone who has founded multiple incubators & programs for early stage startups I [...]

seven days, seven needles and no tweets

To say the last seven days have been rough is an understatement but here it goes. If you have no clue to what I’m talking about then carry on with your digital life and have a great 2011. For the rest of you here’s my story.

Last Tuesday evening I was sitting at the dinner table around 8:30 P.M. and got an idea for a sarcastic blog post called “21 ways how to become a social media ninja rock star in 2011″ … Don’t ask. Maybe it wasn’t meant for me to publish that post last week as I was about 80% finished when I started to have a major headache and nausea feeling. I got up [...]

Talk Social News Episode 6: Rejaw building a new conversational community, Revision3 , Steve Jobs & what are you favorite iPhone apps?

This week Talk Social News interviews Danny Burkes, chief architect at Rejaw.com. Listen to Danny explain the challenges of launching a new "conversation micro-blogging social networking site" the differences between Rejaw, twitter, yammer and pownce and what Danny says separates Rejaw from the rest.

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 6 - length 46:30 download or click to play:
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In the "what the blog" section of the podcast Kipp reviews the Revision3 Casting Call and why internet TV is going to huge in the next six [...]