Google announces location-based search tagging and post coupon feature. Will Google Latitude be the most important LBS?

Location-based apps and the geo space continues to be popular topic and business parter with various location-based startups and if you think Google is just going to sit on the sidelines you're wrong. Recently it was reported that Google Latitude has over 3 million users and Google released Places a site for businesses to update their Google location profile page and add coupons or post. Today on Google's Lat Long Blog Google announced Google Tags and post for business.

Google Tags is a $25 a month custom message for business that show in Google Maps and search results. More explained from [...]

Offline marketing your Facebook fan page: Facebook joins Google, Foursquare & Yelp with window decals. Will you stick it?

It was reported earlier that Facebook started sending some businesses window decals to Facebook fan page administrators to place in a viewable area. Ironically a few weeks ago someone from a restaurant downtown Raleigh had walked into the office asking where he could have some made. I'm not sure if he received one of the Facebook fan page window decals being the letter stated it was only  being mailed to a few selected businesses.

Today I was able to read  the letters but this one wasn't sent to a  business but to a local university. It's good to see Facebook not only sending window [...]