Where are they now? 14+ Social Media Professionals to watch for in 2010 from Triangle, NC area #smday

Happy Social Media Day everyone. If you don't know what Social Media Day is, it's day to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social according to @Mashable. Mashable partnered with Meetup.com when they launched their everywhere platform to celebrate Social Media Day by attending or organizing a meetup on June 30. As of right now there are over seven Social Media Day events planned in North Carolina.

Being that it's social media day and the last day of June, I thought it would be a good time to update my list of 14 Social Media Professionals to watch in 2010 from the Triangle, NC that [...]

10 reasons why people hate self-proclaimed social media gurus.

Last week, Lisa Braziel posted about how self-proclaimed social media gurus on Twitter are now at 5,855.

I retweeted her and added, where were they in 2006-2007 just for fun. Her tweet was about the post from What's Next Blog called Updated List of Social Media Gurus on Twitter: a Public Service for CMOs. The term social media has been over used a lot and if you dare add the words expert or guru to a your bio or resume you're almost putting a dart on your head saying let's have a flame ware. But why? Here are 10 reasons why I think people hate self-proclaimed social media gurus.