We had iPads for lunch and loved it. Multi-touching our way to productivity 1 app at a time.

Today during a lunch meeting I looked around at the table and I saw one Moleskine notebook, one regular "old school" notebook and 3 iPads among myself and 4 others. When we first sat down immediately the conversation started around how hard or easy it is to type on the iPad and what apps are we using for note taking. Backgrounds of some of other attendees included two designers/app developers,  a web developer and a marketing/project manager.

As our lunch meeting continued we started working on our project and I started noticing what apps we were using and how the Moleskine and [...]

Evernote reaches 1 million users, Kipp’s iPhone dream, sound effects & going to the movies – episode 042

Today on Talk Social News Kipp and Wayne discuss: Evernote reaches 1 million users, Kipp's iPhone dream, sound effects and we go to the movies - episode - 042

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Talk Social News Episode 10:Evernote CEO, Phil Libin, what is a mophie iPhone juice pack and who’s failing on twitter.

This week on Talk Social News, we interviewed Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, to talk about the past, present and future of Evernote. We also discussed the technology challenges of making a mobile application and Phill provides some advice for new startups. Even if you're not an Evernote fan, I think you'll enjoy what Phil has to say about what technology has impressed him, the mobile industry and where Evernote is going.

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 10 - length 50:54 download or click to play:[audio:TalkSocialNews0010evernote.mp3] Subscribe to podcast in iTunes:

For our [...]