Join Us for CoffeeStartups Chapter 1- January 26 10am, San Francisco

flickr photo by anvancy

If there are two things I love it's coffee and startups. You add those two ingredients and you have an awesome community. With that begin said I'm excited to partner with Matthew Wise cofounder of founderly to organize a series of CoffeeStartups events in San Francisco.

CoffeeStartups is for coffee lovers, storytellers, geeks, technologist, gourmets, and creative people passionate about sharing stories and drinking coffee. At each CoffeeStartups Stories event we bring together entrepreneurs, thought leaders, technologists, designers, and writers to share a unique [...]

Call it a Tweetup & they will come? Wrong! Social media event marketing 101

Photo Credit: Abbyladybug

You know the saying, "build it and they will come" well, we all know how that works out and now it seems there's a new saying, call your meetup a Tweetup and they will come. Just like the first saying, businesses and people need plan accordingly and don't expect by calling your event a Tweetup that the Twitter community will embrace your meetup and show up tweeting about your product or services.

What's a Tweetup?
Oh, if you're wondering what a Tweetup is, according to a Tweetup is A group of friends on Twitter (social network) that are [...]

Social Media brings Dinosaurs back to life at the Museum of Life and Science

Today I attended the Dinosaur Trail exclusive Blogger/Tweeple Preview at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC.

The event was organized by Beck Tench, who manages the Museum Life and Science Twitter account (@lifeandscience). Beck reached out to the local Triangle, NC blogging and Twitter community, which is strong, for the exclusive preview event. And if you think bloggers and tweeple are not interested in dinosaurs, then you're wrong. Before the event began, tweets were tweeted, asking who's going, and everyone was excited to preview the new dinosaur trail.

Joining me was fellow [...]