Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist Are People Too

flickr photo by: KatLevPhoto

Since moving to San Francisco, CA in February I've interacted with tons of Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist (VC). More so on the Venture Capital side than angel investor side. Part of my interactions have been connecting prepared entrepreneurs for demo days, pitch meetings, or giving VCs referrals. Other interactions have been for customer development on a new product I'm working on.

There are a few basic VC rules when it comes to meeting with investors for entrepreneurs such as:

  • Never be late to an investor meeting
  • Always be prepared
  • Always be honest
  • [...]

TEDx Video: Value Execution over ideas via Chris Brown on Lean Startup and bootstrapping for entrepreneurs

Video: TEDxPhnomPenh - Chris Brown - Lean Startup a bootstrapping guide for budding entrepreneurs

Software developer, entrepreneur, and general geek, Chris is a vocal and omnipresent figure in Cambodia's burgeoning hacker community. Chris has founded or partnered in several software startups which are proud to have built their products in Cambodia and sold them globally. Chris is an active member of the Barcamp movement, attending and speaking at events across the region, and is also a founding member of the up-and-coming Phnom Penh HackerSpace. Chris's vision is for Cambodia's software [...]

Talk Social News episode 17# MC Hammer, on social media, the music industry & twitter. Need we say more?

There are a lot of fake celebrity accounts that get started on twitter, just ask Shaq (@THE_REAL_SHAQ) but if you get followed by an account called @MCHammer don't block him or think it's a fake account because it's the one and only MC Hammer ( . So what is Hammer doing on twitter, well you'll have to listen to the podcast for that, but we had the privilege to chat with the one and only Hammer himself about how long he's been blogging, his thoughts social media and the music industry, who introduced him to twitter and more.

If you're been wondering what Hammer has been [...]