Video: Digg version 4 coming soon: It’s like Friendfeed and Google Buzz, get your RSS feeds & profiles ready!

This past Friday, Digg's CEO Kevin Rose released a video showing some of the upcoming features of Digg. From the video Digg v4 looks like a winner but reminds me a little of FriendFeed and Google Buzz with the import RSS feature and follower your friends Digg's option. Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think in the comments.

For more on the new version of Digg see: Exclusive Video And Screenshots Of Digg Version 4

I've been on Digg since 2006 but haven't been a huge Digg users but I get the feeling that is about to change. You can find me on Digg here: [...]

Digg going real-time, Windows 7 pricing fail & scribd sharing the wealth plan – episode 038

Today on Talk Social News we discuss our thoughts on Digg going real-time, Windows 7 pricing fail & scribd sharing the wealth plan.

The Video

The podcast:
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Premium WordPress Themes Continue to Shine

If there has been any Web 2.0 company that has survived the 1st .dot com bubble it's Wordpress and with it's recent purchases of intense debate comment platform and poll daddy, Wordpress is on pace to not only survive the current bubble but may be one of the top 5 online social firms when it's all said and done.

One continuing trend with Wordpress is the quality of themes we have seen over the past few months and with a open theme community Wordpress Premium themes seem to have taken over as the new cool and smart thing to do for theme developers.

Premium Wordpress themes are great for not [...]