Save $1,000 off your next Mercedes-Benz with a foursquare check-In at The New York Auto Show

I'm a few days late on this post as I was traveling last week to attend Where 2.0 location conference but if you were lucky enough to attend the The New York Auto Show last week and wanted to save $1,000.00 off your next Mercedes-Benz all you had to do was check-in with foursquare. Awesome right?

Photo credit: 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG Gull Wing Photo by: ccho on flickr at the New York 2011 International Auto Show.

Here's a quote from the press announcement.

In its first-ever Foursquare promotional offer, geo-social users checking in at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan, NY, will be [...]

Coming Soon! 4 New Location Based iPhone apps by minority founders with awesome landing pages, +1

In October of last year while speaking at the Blogalicious conference I bumped into James Andrews, founder of Social People.TV. Both of us were speaking at the conference and had a quick moment to catch up. James, busy traveling and working with celebrity clients discussing social media strategies and I spent most of last year speaking about location-based marketing, apps and TriOut. James also knows Tristan Walker who manages business development at foursquare and we both smiled at the fact that two minorities are very active and visible in the location based startup [...]

Updated: Over 222,996 people checked into the Super Bowl with foursquare, GetGlue, Miso, IntoNow & ScreenTribe

Earlier today I wrote a post about how to earn various Super Bowl check in badges with foursquare, Getglue, Miso, IntoNow & ScreenTribe. During the Super Bowl, I checked in using all five apps earned four badges and took a few screenshots to estimate the check-in numbers. Take a look:

Not shown is ScreenTribe but early numbers looks like over 68,000 people checked into the Super Bowl with Foursquare, Getglue, Miso, IntoNow & ScreenTribe. Note, these numbers are just an estimate right after Super Bowl 45 half-time and does not include check-in numbers from the actual Super Bowl game [...]

Social Media-Integrated POS chatterbox luncheon with BJ Emerson of Tasti D-Lite at Designbox

If you're downtown Raleigh tomorrow join us for chatterbox Wednesdays at Designbox 12:00 P.M. With guest speaker BJ Emerson of Tasti D-lite. BJ is the Social Technology Officer for Tasti D-lite. Earlier this year Tasti D-lite received a lot of media attention by launching the first Social Media-Integrated Point of Sale (POS) Loyalty Application that implements Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare with are loyalty cards. Recently Tasti D-lite was mentioned on Mashable by installing iPads and using QR Codes in their stores.

BJ brings a strong blend of technical and creative abilities as VP of [...]

infographic: The Top 10 merchant locations foursquare users are checking into

Yesterday Ad Age posted an interesting article about how they measure foursquare check-ins using Trendrr. In the post Ad Age stated they look at what are the popular cities that foursqure users check into Starbucks locations with New York Starbucks locations topping the list followed by Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago.

Also included in the article was a merchant chart showing the top check-ins for the past seven days. Here's the list of the top 10 merchant locations foursquare users are checking into from the last seven days.

Are you surprised by the merchants on the [...]

How to use QR Codes to check-in with Facebook, Foursquare and Gowalla at the same time.

As you know I’m a huge advocate of QR Codes. I believe that between QR Codes, RFID tags and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies, QR Codes will have the largest impact, making it easier for people to check-in using location-based services. At least I’m betting on it. While working on TriOut version two (aka world edition), Lawrence Ingraham and I decided to build a QR Code Reader into the app, but that’s just one part of the QR Code implementation. The second part of incorporating QR Codes with TriOut was adding a custom check-in QR Code generator to the analytics section of [...]

3 Ways to check-in to your favorite TV show or movie and how to earn the TRON badge

flickr photo by: Wisconsin Historical Images

As I stated in one of my previous blog post called I just checked into your blog, the act of checking in has created a new wave of applications to enable people to check into almost anything. You could always create fake locations in location-based applications and check into miscellaneous items. For example I recall one dinner at SXSW where people where checking into a woman's bra and another situation where people were checking into a guys pants. That's all fun for the moment and it was a somewhat ok thing to do when you're at a conference [...]