All the Cool Kids Have ‘Em: Social Web Profile Aggregation Sites

I'm not sure if it started with Tim Van Damme but he sure did kick off a trend of new "Social Web Profile Aggregation" sites or social networking profile identity aggregation sites. Can you feel the "buzzwords" through your computer screen, lol. Either way since Tim's site was created one "Social Web Profile Aggregation" service has launched called and now there's a WordPress theme from John Saddington. Take a look at the WordPress theme below.

Hat tip to @Corvida who posted John's WordPress theme on her Posterous site. It's interesting that John calls his WordPress theme the "The [...]

FriendFeed screencast, what we want & what we received, a cleaner faster aggregation tool. Plus social media jobs spotlight – episode #009

FriendFeed, what we want & what we received, a cleaner faster, aggregation tool & Social media jobs

Today's show topics:
Looking for a job in social media? Send us your information and we'll spotlight you on Talk Soical News.
What we want from FriendFeed: Content aggregation, search and more. (
Friendfeed 2.0 beta screencast

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FriendFeed Reloads With [...]