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4 companies for startup stickers & the SXSW collection

Nice I have a @TriOut sticker on my MacBook pro #stickers! :)

I wanted to have something here besides the auto generated RSS feed shares post that have been publishing since SXSW. So here’s a simple list post if you’re in the market to buy some stickers.

The picture above is how my skinned MacBook Pro looked before SXSWi and below is how it looked afterwards. I wanted a few TriOut stickers to pass out during SXSWi myself and for the launch party. Here’s a list of sticker printing companies I found and were suggested via twitter.


Also check out some of the stickers I collected at SXSW, you may recognize a few of the companies.
Stickers from #SXSW for the MacBook Pro. You may know a few of these  companies.

Do you have a company that you use for stickers and what is your favorite sticker on the MacBook Pro?

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