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Speakers Announced for CoffeeStartups Event: Chapter 1 – Launching


CoffeeStartups is for coffee lovers, storytellers, geeks, technologist, gourmets, and creative people passionate about sharing stories and drinking coffee. We’re bring together entrepreneurs, thought leaders, technologists, designers, and writers to share a unique story to the group.

Each CoffeeStartups event has a specific theme and we invite two people to present their story orally to the group. For Each participant takes turns acting as the moderator and the storyteller. At the end of the event we all walk away energized, inspired, motivated, and happy to have made some meaningful connections with fellow coffee lovers.

The January Theme for Coffee Startups is Launching and our speakers are:

Micah Baldwin

Micah Baldwin
CEO, Founder, Graphicly

Tony Gauda

Tony Gauda
CEO, Co-Founder,BitCasa

Our first event kicks off Saturday January, 26, at SOMAcentral, 153 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA. You can join the CoffeeStartups meetup group to stay connected and RSVP for tickets on Cosemble

If you interested in sponsoring we can be reached at

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