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How to keep your social media mojo in 2010

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Mojo: a magic power or magic spell via Define: Google

Well the time has come; since the early days of the first dot com bubble when geeks, programmers, web design firms were saying the internet would change everything and how we do business online. Fast forward to 2009 and we look how the internet has evolved from web 2.0 to the social web. Social media along with the real-time web will continue to be hot topics of 2010. Also in 2009 we have seen a few tech news/gossip blogs go main stream and the echo chamber of information being retweeted and shared beyond pipelines of brainwaves from the novice web user to the influencers.

Moving forward, information filtering will become a trend and those creating content will come up will creative ways of trying to draw eyeballs to their website or blog or podcast or vlog using social media. Real-Time information will find it purpose but if you focus on the real-time you’ll risk burning out fast, growing a short attention span and not valuing the long tail creating content for search. 2010 will be a game changing year not only for the social web but for hardware, mobile bandwidth, video and everyone trying to use social media for some sort of profit gain. No matter if you’re a blogging professional or social media pro keeping up with technology will be challenging in years ahead. Below are a few ways to keep your social media mojo in 2010.

1. Focus and limit distractions to information that adds little value to your profession
2. Edit your streams: (RSS feeds, Twitter Followers, Email subscriptions)
3. Go Offline: Network at meetups and conferences and not the just the popular conferences.
4. Go local: Tap into your local community for information and inspiration.
5. Join or build a team around you: Find friends/partners that can help you complete your goals in life and online.
6. Be creative and original: Don’t be afraid to try something new
7. Understand competition is good, but focus on being awesome and love your customers.
8. Build strong and new relationship with others
9. No your boundaries; thinking too much outside of the box can be risky.
10. Create content strategies and diversity your content.
11. Listen, Share, learn and always measure.
12. Find tools that work and stick with them.
13. Work smarter and not harder but still work hard.
14. Have fun and enjoy what you’re doing or stop.

How do you plan to keep your social media mojo in 2010?

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