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27 ½ ways how to become a social media expert rockstar ninja in 2011

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2011 is here and the same old social media debate we have been talking about for three or four years are still happening online. The same tired social media conversations about ROI, should your company use social media, are social media experts better than social media beginners and what platform should your company use as a blog. On top of that you can now buy followers on Twitter if you have enough money via promoted tweets and as for Facebook…well, who doesn’t have a fan page now?

As we progress into 2011 let’s try to not only to make the social media needle move but create conversations and strategies around campaigns that build relationships with influencers that can be champions to your brand by curating content to their social graph while influencing others online. Got it? With that being said here are 27 ½ ways how to become a social media expert rockstar ninja in 2011.

1. Make a list of how much Whuffie you have. If you don’t know what Whuffie is, then you just lost your ninja skills.

2. Email and/or tweet to Peter Shankman about how much klout you have and that you should be on his party list for next year.

3. Have a twitter debate with Olivier Blanchard aka @thebrandbuilder about Social Media ROI and that no one can prove the ROI of social media.

4. Start a video blog reviewing every social media/twitter book.

5. Get a job at the DachisGroup

6. Attend SXSW collect three new foursquare badges, join two whrrl societies, win a free Taco with Gowalla and take a picture of yourself with every social media rock star you see and blog about meeting them.

7. Have a Klout score widget on your blog.

8. Read Kristina Halvorson Content strategy book then host a webinar on content strategy

9. Host a webinar about how to get more connections on Linkedin.

10. Use or twitterfeed to have your Twitter account auto tweet every Mashable post.

11. Use only the free tools for social media measuring/monitoring.

12. Put social media rockstar in your twitter bio. That makes you a ninja.

13. Attend 3 conferences and have at least 10 guest post on other social media blogs by February 14 or no valentine’s day badge for you.

14. Create your own iPhone app that just feeds your blog post and twitter feed.

15. Publish an ebook about how to get more followers and likes on Facebook then call it the social media evolution revolution.

16. Take a picture with Pete Cashmore, king of social media.

17. Leave 100 comments on

18. Have a Klout score of at least 10

19. Reply back to @cnmoody on Twitter with a #TWSS hashtag. If you don’t know what #TWSS stands for Google it.

20. Qualify for Chris Kieff 9 Point Social Media Expert Evaluation (good luck)

21. When speaking about social media don’t call it social media but call it social intelligence business relationship brand monitoring solutions. Anything but social media marketing.

22. Create infographics about social media

23. Leave a comment on The Anti Social Media Blog about why he should use social media…. ( I dare you)

24. Start your own social media networking group on then turn it into a conference with the same name and charge a $599.00 attendances fee

25. Start your own paid email newsletter using or on social media email marketing 101

26. You must own an iPhone or an Android powered smartphone … period!

27. Have updated profiles on the following sites:,, , and If you don’t, you will never succeed in personal branding.

.5 Have a debate on Quora about who are the real social media experts.

Bonus:You must live in New York, California, Boston, or Austin, TX and earn the “guru” badge on foursquare.

Good luck and one more thing. This post was to go live before 2011 and…. #joke

Have a great 2011!

You can’t leave a comment on this blog post until you have done all 27 ½ items.

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