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Raleigh loves QR codes! Locate the R-Line on your smartphone with a QR Code

It looks like the QR Code movement is picking up steam downtown Raleigh as today the downtown Raleigh Alliance dropped of posters saying locate the R-Line on your smartphone that features a QR Code to local businesses. If you scan the QR Code it takes you to the R-Line Mobile HTML5 app. Take a look!

This seems like the popular way many app developers are using QR Codes making it easy for people to install apps on their smartphones. Other ways people are using QR Codes on signs are sending people to mobile content.

Also, if you’re downtown Raleigh you may see a Chevy Volt poster with a QR Code on it like the one below.

The QR Code on the Chevy Social poster takes you to the eventbite RSVP URL ( ). Ryan @therab & I suggested the QR Code be added to the poster for mobile users who see the poster can easily scan the QR Code and RSVP on the go.

Have you seen other QR Codes downtown Raleigh or in your neighborhood? If so what type of content do they take you to after you scan it?

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Location:N Person St,Raleigh,United States

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