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Getting started with QR Codes Pro Tip #1. Remember the K.I.S.S. rule!

TriOut QR Code

If you have been reading my blog lately to say I’m excited about QR Codes is an understatement. I’ve blogged about QR Code iPhone App Readers, QR Code videos and QR Code generators that provide analytics. Over the weekend I read an awesome QR rant post from Nick Ford about how HBO’s New Series “Boardwalk Empire” are using a QR code in GQ Magazine. His rant starts off about the design of the code and then goes into how important the content of the QR Code is after you scan it is. Here’s an excerpt

The first thing that struck me about the use of this particular QR code was the “designer” effect it had. Don’t get me wrong, I love “designer” QR codes and I think they can serve a unique purpose for any campaign but they shouldn’t be used in an ad like this. QR codes are still at their infancy with consumers and recognition is HUGE at this stage in the game. The code in this ad is too small and the effect it was given only deflected attention from it. A standard black and white code that was 25% larger would have been MUCH more engaging to potential users IMO. I don’t even want to mention the money that was probably spent trying to make this code look “cool” on the ad.

QR codes at businesses downtown Raleigh
Nick who’s byline reads “Captain of the QR Code galaxy” makes some great points and even though I’m a fan of designer QR Codes, he’s so right. For example look at the green QR Code above. If you look closey there’s a light emebed image in the code. It’ big and green with one major problem. It doesn’t work! As I was walking by the location I tried to scan it with 4 different QR Code readers and none of them were able to scan the QR Code. In today’s marketing/social web world in which everyone talks about branding and design I know plain black and white QR Codes may not be the most attractive design but they work. For example look at the Sparkcon poster below with a QR Code.” title=”Sparkcon Posters with QR codes by waynesutton12, on Flickr”>Sparkcon Posters with QR codes

Don’t get me wrong, you can be very creative with QR Codes designs, take a look at a few awesome QR Codes custom designs below.

qr code
SSC custom QR code | Lazyfeed
Google Image Result for

But remember, for 98% percent of America QR Codes are still new and should be kept as simple but effective as possible. Therefor when you’re starting your QR Code marketing project remember the K.I.S.S. rule…. Keep it simple …..

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