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Palm Pre hands on video review and first impression.

Today I went by the Sprint store to try out the new Palm Pre and I must say I was very impressed with it. Here’s a few notes on my first hands on impression:

1. It’s smaller than my iPhone
2. The new Palm OS is very fast
3. The usability is easy but I didn’t figure out how to copy and paste. (would have to read the manual)
4. The default apps will leave you wanting more if you’re an iPhone user.
5. It had a Twitter app but not a Facebook app loaded.
6. I was impressed with the camera, and that it wanted to connect with Amazon Mp3 store
7. I didn’t like the keypad. I thought the buttons could have be a little bigger and I’m not a fan of curved slider phones.
8. Overall I think the Palm Pre is a great advancement from past Palm phones but it will need more apps to compete with the iPhone and you can clearly tell that Palm copied the usability of the iPhone with the new OS.

Here’s my video review : 6 minutes.

I did talk to one of the sprint store reps and he said that there was a line outside this morning to buy the Pre and they’re sold out. Now we have to wait until Monday to see what Apple will announced with the iPhone.

Do you want a Palm Pre? Would you ditch your iPhone or Blackberry for the Pre?

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