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foursquare startup check-ins

This weekend starts the annual foursquare global hackathon along with the launch of foursquare’s new/updated API boosting new features. Foursquare has a development community over 10,000 strong and this weekend participates are looking to add to the number along with a chance of winning a few prizes. There’s not a foursquare hackathon event being held in Raleigh, NC but I have a few friends across the country participating at other city hacathons. I’m looking forward to seeing their progress and ideas being launched over the weekend.

While thinking about the hackathon I thought about what I would build if I attended and also some of my previous foursquare check-ins. This had me thinking about something I almost tweeted during the summer while I was in CA for NewMe Accelerator. I felt it would come off a little arrogant but I’ll post it in this blog post now. The tweet was something like this. ” I may be the only black guy (not that race matters,oh wait) or person in the world who has check-in into both foursquare SF HQ and foursquare NY HQ, Apple Inc, Twitter Inc, Facebook HQ, Gowalla HQ, Hipster HQ, Google HQ (googolplex 43), Google Ventures HQ, Envolve HQ, Yammer HQ, Path Inc, Disqus, Yobongo, 500startups, Mozilla HQ, iContact HQ and bonus BlueRun Ventures all in the past year or year and a half. I may haven’t launched a popular startup or one with million of users, YET but if you was to judge my experience and relationships based off my foursquare check-ins it won’t be long. 🙂 Oh yeah, I have the check-ins to prove it too. Just click on the links but…. who cares right?

As for ideas if I was at the foursquare global hackathon I have a few, one I won’t share because I still may build it, the other would be to finish Hound App that I started working on during the summer and another would be a few better ways to embed a previous single foursquare check-ins into a website/blog and ways to check into a website to foursquare that mashes up with google analytics or another real time analytics platform. Just a thought.

Speaking of embedding foursquare check-ins, a few ways you can visualize all one your foursquare check-ins, are by accessing your rss or kml feed of your foursquare history and embedding it into google maps or using an app like weeplaces. Take a look at my 2806 foursquare check-ins below.

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What would you like to see developers build using the foursquare api during foursquare’s global hackathon?

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