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Can a Mustang V6 complete 1000 laps at Bristol on 1 tank of gas? We’ll find out Wednesday! #Mustang1000

Today I’m excited to announce that will be covering the Ford Mustang 1000 lap challenge at the Bristol Motor Speedway on Wednesday June 23, 2010. What is the 1000 lap challenge? We’ll its simple, four Ford Mustang engineers, along with NASCAR driver David Ragan will attempt to drive a 2011 Mustang V-6 more than 1,000 laps, or 533 miles, at Bristol Motor Speedway on a single tank of fuel. If you’re a NASCAR fan or in other words, that’s two Bristol races on one tang of gas using a stock unmodified Mustang V-6. The challenge will start around 7:00 AM on Wednesday morning and will finish later Wednesday evening. I’ll be there to live blog, tweet and posting content from the entire event.

Photo by: Bristol Motor Speedway

By the way, in case you didn’t know, I may not be the biggest NASCAR fan but back in the early days of NASCAR my father @williesutton used to take my sister and I to Charlotte Motor Speedway to watch races in the middle of the track. Since then I’ve always kept a close ear the NASCAR and who’s winning the points race and watching the evolution of drivers such as Richard Petty to Dale Earnhardt to Tony Stewart to Jimmie Johnson. So as you can image when the opportunity to cover the Ford Mustang 1000 lap challenge at Bristol called, I was extremely excited.

To prep for the event, I’ll meet-up with Mike Hembree @mikehembree from the Speed Channel in Charlotte, NC. From there we’re going to take turns driving a 2011 Mustang V-6 from Charlotte, NC to Bristol, TN. Can you say road-trip! Being that Mike’s twitter bio reads “been covering NASCAR since 1975.” and that was the year I was born it should make for an interesting drive to Bristol. Regardless I’m looking forward to meeting Mike and driving the Mustang if he lets me.

A recent tweet from Mike:

Wow, this race might end earlier than any race in NASCAR history. of course, if it doesn’t rain. And it ain’t gonna. #nascarSun Jun 13 18:44:24 via web

Once Mike and I arrive at Bristol, we’ll join other journalist/media and have the oppotunity to observe some final testing for Wednesday’s 1000 lap challenge and make a few laps on the famous Bristol short track! Woot! Then Wednesday morning the Ford Mustang 1000 lap challenge begins. At that time expect hourly updates from the 1000 lap challenge here on

For more information and a chance to win a 2001 Mustang head over to where you can guess the correct number of completed laps and be entered into a drawing to win a 2011 Mustang V-6.

You can also follow Ford and Ford Racing via their social media channels below:

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2011 Ford Mustang Press Release:
The Ford Mustang 1000 lap challenge Press Release:

Disclosure: “My travel will be covered during this event”

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