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Manage your daily social media with 5 tools, 5 steps and 5 minutes


The next web has a post called How to monitor social media mentions in five minutes a day. In the post they include five tools and it’s a five step process and says you can get the job done in five minutes. The tools the next web suggest that you use are listed below. Head over to the post to read the rest.

The social media tools

  • Addictomatic – a multi-platform buzz dashboard
  • Social Mention – a slightly more sophisticated multi-platform buzz dashboard
  • Samepoint – another dashboard that includes some additional platforms the others don’t offer
  • Twazzup – a real-time news dashboard (with a bias towards Twitter)
  • BackTweets – a tool which tells you who has been sharing your content on Twitter
  • Blogpulse – a tool that searches blog posts for specific mentions
  • Google (weekly + in date order) – this will take you to the advanced search box but we’ll make this even more useful during the next phase

via How to monitor social media mentions in five minutes a day – TNW Lifehacks.


What social media tools do you use and how much time do you spend each day managing social media?

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