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6 Ways to show your location with location based app widgets

As the rush to location based app supremacy continues going from check-in to Twitter seems to be the default way to share your location status. Next up the obvious is to show your location on your blog for readers to stalk you, I mean to track your offline movements. Brightkite, Yelp, Whrrl and Google Latitude provide their own code for creating a location based widgets. Recently fans of two of the popular location based social networks/apps in 2010, Gowalla and Foursquare have created custom widgets allowing you to add your recent check-ins or favorite location to any website. Brightkite doesn’t call their location widget a widget but a wall because it shows all of the users who have visited a location but nevertheless it’s a widget.

Below are 6 Ways for you to show your offline location with location based app widgets.

1. Google Public Location Badge –

2. Yelp –
Bling | Yelp

3. Whrrl: (have multiple ways to embed locations/stores)

More check-ins at Twine Interactive
Powered by Whrrl

4. Gowalla via WP-Walla wordpress plugin:
Social Wayne on the Social Web by Wayne Sutton | Conversations on the Social Web about Brands, Social Business, Technology, gadgets social networks and Social Media

5. FourSquare PlaceWidget for WordPress:
PlaceWidget Settings ‹ Social Wayne on the Social Web by Wayne Sutton — WordPress

6. Brightkite –
Flickr Photo Download: - Citizen Space Wall
Photo by Factoryjoe

Have you seen other location based widgets and would you add one to your site?

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