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Join Us at Dreamforce for the Diversity in Coding Panel with Telegraph Academy, Black Girls Code, and The Hidden Genius Project!

Dreamforce The Opportunity Equality — Diversity in Coding Panel Thursday, October 6, 01:00 PM — Thursday, October 6, 01:40 PM
The Opportunity Equality — Diversity in Coding Panel Thursday, October 6, 01:00 PM — Thursday, October 6, 01:40 PM

Both “Learn to code” and “diversity in tech” are two topics at the heartbeat of innovation opportunities in the tech world. Both intersect at creating solutions empowering future diverse leaders in all STEM fields.

Bringing the best of both worlds together at Dreamforce, Salesforce will host The Opportunity Equality — Diversity in Coding Panel featuring key thought leaders and doers creating change in the tech industry.

The The Opportunity Equality — Diversity in Coding Panel will feature:

I’ll serve at the moderator:
Wayne Sutton, Co-Founder, Change Catalyst and Tech Inclusion Conference

The panel will cover topics such as:

  • What challenges and opportunities have you experienced from working with tech companies to hire candidates from your programs and similar code schools?
  • What lead you to focus on getting people of color involved in tech and coding?
  • How do we transition kids from using apps to building apps?

( How are each of your organizations helping to diversify coding?

Join us!

On Thursday, October 6th, 01:00 at the Palace Hotel, Telegraph Hill join us for The Opportunity Equality — Diversity in Coding Panel

We hope to see you there!

About Wayne Sutton

Wayne Sutton writes on entrepreneurship, startups, and diversity and inclusion in tech at and is a co-founder Change Catalyst and Tech Inclusion Conference.You follow Wayne on Twitter, Facebook orLinkedIn.

About Change Catalyst:

Change Catalyst empowers diverse, inclusive and sustainable tech innovation — through education, community engagement and mentorship. Change Catalyst is a Certified B Corp, winning the “Best for the World” award for community impact in 2014 and “Best in the World” overall in 2015.

Tech Inclusion:

Our Tech Inclusion programs explore and develop innovative solutions to tech diversity and inclusion. We partner with the tech community to solve diversity and inclusion together through conferences, career fairs, strategic consulting and training. Our work spans the full tech ecosystem, including: Education, Workplace, Entrepreneurship and Policy.

The Change Catalyst Team

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