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Video: i(Pad) of the Tiger: An iPad music video

When something is awesome you just have to post it right? Hat tip to Mike Schramm @mikeschramm of TUAW for posting the i(iPad) of the Tiger music video. According to the post we don’t know what apps the band used but those are three iPads being played in the video. Now we can say that Apple will kill music instruments! Joke! But still, think about how much equipment bands travel with and what if they could use a few iPads and have the same or better quality when preforming. Apple could change the offline music industry in an entire new way. Don’t believe me? Just watch the music Video: i(Pad) of the Tiger: An iPad music video below.

ipad + “Eye of the Tiger” from Jordan Hollender on Vimeo.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.
All instruments were played using ipad applications downloaded from itunes.
Scott Harris – musical production and arrangement
Starring Scott Harris, Harold O’Neal AKA Kid Jazz and Shea Butta
Directed by Jordan Hollender in collaboration with Diane Collins and Zbabam Productions

Richard Bell / Jon Vachon: Gaffer / Grip
Bryan Lynde: Hair & Makeup
Alex Johnstone: Stylist
KM Camera and Studio Rental

Do you think we’ll see more bands use iPads for music videos and preforming at shows?

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