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Innovation starts with listening and change for Marriott Hotels – #TravelBrilliantly

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Marriott Hotels for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

In a society that’s part looking for the next “big thing” in terms of apps, social networks split with a society that doesn’t like change, for traditional companies looking to be innovative it came be challenging. Innovation though may come in small increments or in one big swoop. When looking at Marriott Hotels recent  #TravelBrilliantly campaign launch.  Marriott decided it was time for innovation in one big swoop. Before we continue let’s look at the word “innovation” which is the action or process of innovating. Innovating is to make “make changes in something established” source.

For Marriott Hotels to become “innovative” they took a look at their established resources; rooms, office space, real estate, staff and customers and started off with a key element in becoming “innovative”. They created a campaing to crowdsource feedback from their customers with the website and continued to offline events such as the future of Tech, Design, Culinary, Travel Marriot and NewsOne event, held October 22, in New York at Location05.  
As I attended the event I observed as Marriott transformed Loction05 to their remote Innovation Lab.  Marriott’s Innovation is located at their headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. “It offers rapid prototyping with instant feedback capabilities, bird’s eye views from Internet-enabled cameras, and multiple avenues for customer participation.
Marriott’s Innovation Lab offers a clean slate for any visiting guest – whether architect, designer, employee or customer – to manipulate and make his mark. The lab allows for immediate trial of design ideas and allowing for increased collaboration and participation surrounding design ideas ultimately implemented in hotels globally. “
The “remote innovation lab” was part of the experience everyone witness at the event in New York along with a awesome panel and great networking with the who’s who in the New York tech scene. 
Let’s take a look.
Pitch booth for customer feedback
Marriott’s mobile app check-in
Workspring space test area
Feedback / Suggestion Wall 
For the hotel industry innovation is here, at least for Marriott Hotels. Good luck on their journey to encourage travelers to #TravelBrilliantly
“ Travel Brilliantly is a transformative way for the next generation traveler to inspire, create, connect and dream, while seamlessly blending work and play in a mobile and global world.”
Overall I had a great experience at the event and stay at New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square. If you follow-me on Facebook then you know I’m on my workout kick and I didn’t miss a day. I was able to go on a jog around central park and workout in the Marriot gym. Also I had a great view of Time’s Square and French street artist JR “Eye Art”
Until next time #TravelBrilliantly


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