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How to find a free QR Code Reader for the iPhone, Android, Nokia, Palm, Windows Mobile & Blackberry mobile phones

Update #2:

Looking for a fast QR Code Reader / Scanner? Try my new iPhone app: CLICK HERE iphone app

Update: TriOut v2 for the iPhone with built-in QR Code reader is now available. Here’s the iTunes App store [iTunes link]

TriOut v2 social location-based app in iTunes

2010 North Carolina State Fair with QR Codes for scavenger hunt

Last week we announced the first ever NC State Fair location-based scavenger hunt powered by TriOut that will take place on Thursday, October 14 from 3:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. To navigate the scavenger hunt we have placed eight QR Codes around the NC State Fair that you will need to scan with a QR Codes Reader for clues. The first QR Code is placed at the Deep Fried TriangleTweetup tent which has the first clue to get you started, where you can pick up a map to help guide you and met Lawrence Ingraham @lawpower, Founder/lead developer of TriOut to answer any questions you may have. Once you start the scavenger hunt look for the QR Code signs around the NC State Fair like the one below to scan.

NC State Fair QR Code sign

Note you must start at the Deep Fried TriangleTweetup tent and go in order from one to eight to successfully complete the scavenger hunt and finish back at the tent to claim your prize.

Although the location-based scavenger hunt is powered by TriOut, we would love for everyone to use our new iPhone app [iTunes link] to scan the QR Codes around the NC State Fair but we realize that everyone doesn’t own an iPhone. Keeping that in mind while working with the fair’s planning/pr team we made sure that any mobile phone user with a QR Code reader could participate in the scavenger hunt. Still, with QR Codes being fairly new to the majority of the USA population most mobile phone users are unaware if they have a QR Code reader on their mobile phones. With that being said here’s a list of resources to find a free QR Code reader for the iPhone, Android, Palm Windows Mobile, Nokia & Blackberry mobile phones so everyone can participate in the scavenger hunt.

Blackberry Messenger has a build in QR Code reader or search blackberry app world for QR Code Reader

Windows Mobile:
i-nigma (tip @karlkoelle )

QuickMark QR Code Reader

Nokia barcode reader

If you have a Nokia N82, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, E66, E71, E90 or 6220 Classic (APAC variants) you will find the Nokia Barcode Reader pre-installed on your device, ready to scan mobile codes around you. For Nokia N78, 6210 Navigator, N96 and 6220 Classic (non-APAC variants) you can download the application via the following link: Nokia Barcode Reader. Download to a computer and transfer it to your mobile device. Via

Palm OS:

iPhone: Again we would love for you to use the new TriOut iPhone app [iTunes link] but other iPhone QR Code reader apps are:
Mirascape [iTunes link]
QR Code Reader and Scanner [iTunes link]

Scanlife seems to have a QR Code reader for most mobile platforms too:

Download the ScanLife App for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android

Also note if you downloaded the SPARKcon iPhone or Android app it has a built in QR Code reader as well.

Other QR Code Reader resources are:
PercentMobile – QR Code Reader Finder
QR-Code Readers
QR Code readers
QR Code and 2d Barcode Readers

Good luck to everyone participating in the NC State Fair location-based scavenger hunt powered by TriOut. If you have any questions during the scavenger hunt we’ll be monitoring Twitter most of the day so feel free to send a tweet to @TriOut if needed.

If you use a QR Code Reader that’s not listed above let me know in the comments.